Rules of Mercury X and the Chat Box

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Rules of Mercury X and the Chat Box

Post  Jake on Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:46 am

Ingame Rules:

1. Do not ask for staff
2. Do not beg for items
3. Do not flame
4. Respect all players
5. Please don't rage
7. Try your best to keep profanity to a minimum.
8. Do not spam!! (including yell, spam in yell = mute all around)
9. No abusing powers!!
10. Ask a mod before asking an admin or the owner.
11. No duping! = ipban!
12. Don't trust anyone with your password!
13. No hacking
14. No scamming.
15. No buying/selling RSGP or RS accounts!
16. Enjoy the server Smile

Chat Box Rules:

1. No flooding.
2. No trans.
3. No advertising.
4. Keep profanity to a minimum.
5. No all-caps messages (15 caps. is limit)
6. No flaming
7. Please respect everyone.
8. Do not rage in my chatbox.
9. Do not bring up other servers in main chat. take it to private chat.
10. Don't bring up drama in the chatbox. Everyone hates it.

- Jake


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